Athens, Greece

The Athens Acropolis Tour

Relive the glory of Ancient Greece on this 4-hour small group tour and discover the culture
of a great influential citadel of the Ancient Greek world, along with a local expert guide.

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At a Glance


Take this 4 hour Athens Acropolis tour, along with one of the top local licensed guides of the dopios community and get acquainted with the ancient greek history from the very beginning.

Feel enchanted by the new Acropolis Museum, built with perfection in every detail! Get to know all about buildings on the ancient Acropolis. Take a nice peaceful walk in the Ancient Agora, the center of political and public life in Athens and leave this tour with plenty of food for further thoughts!


Visit this global architectural masterpiece of Bernard Tschumi and Michalis Fotiades, along with your local licensed tour guide and get to know better the globally known works of outstanding artistry, skills and workmanship. Admire and learn the story behind the Caryatids, the sculpted female figures, serving as an architectural support and get impressed by the ancient greek analytical way of thinking.

A guided walk next to the Parthenon hall of the Museum, will introduce you to the architecture of this glorious monument and get you acquainted with the impressive metopes, pediments and the frieze just before you start making your way up to the Acropolis.

The word acropolis comes from the Greek words ἄκρον (akron, "edge, extremity") and πόλις (polis, "city"). Your local licensed guide will lead you through Propylaea, the monumental gateway to the Temple of Athena Nike , the glorious Parthenon and the famous temple of Erechtheum while narrating the history of 2.500 years.

Along the way, witness the beauty of the ancient theatres of Dionysus and Herodes Atticus and admire the most beautiful highlights of Athens from above.

Finish your pleasant walk in the Ancient Agora, where you will see the Attalos Gallery and finally, the beautiful and perfect Temple of Hephaestus!

What’s included


  • English Speaking Guide
  • Personal bottle of water
  • Skip the line


  • Admission to Museum (5e/adult) & Acropolis (12e/adult)
  • Tips